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No other brand compares to Influenchill

Influenchill was created for the millennial minded who redefine influence and chill.

What does is mean to be “millennial minded”?

As a millennial born in 1987, and with all millennials, we stand unique as the bridge between Generation X and Generation Z. Within our timeframe, technology and social culture has moved extcrutiatingly fast and the millennial generation are the generational bridge who remember a simpler time before technology and social media took over. At the same time, millennials are the forerunners of experiencing this rapid growth of innovation and technology hands on.

From being flaggergasted by the Atari to acing Virtual Reality video games…

From shopping at Hot Topic for our Happy Bunny Memes to being the leaders of the Digital Meme generation…

From remembering the first time we EVER logged on to the Internet.

We are the generation who doesn’t need a tutorial on how to check an email…

We are the generation whose pre-Internet memories keep up from completely falling into the technological social media hypnotism.

Those born between 1981-1996 are the most influential generation in our current time. However, Influenchill knows that everyone from Generation X to Z have all embraced the pleasures of the pop culture and fast technological evolution. Therefore, Influenchill is for the millennial minded. Those who are deeply connected with the culture that evolved within our millennial generation; the rise of video games, anime, movies, Internet, telephones, and how we communicate. We work so hard, and are hyper aware of the traps of consumerism, we are involved in politics and human rights, we love intellectual conversation and mental evolution. In the same spirit, we heavily embrace and hold on tight to the pop culture that fueled our generation, we asbolute refuse to let go of our “Youth”.

Influenchill exists as an ode to our millennial generation connecting the evolution of our culture, with urban streetwear fashion.

This is how we redefine influence and chill.

It's more than clothes, it's a movement

We are building a community within our brand, connecting our Influenchill homies through clothing and culture that strikes the millennial style. We aim to collaborate with small influential and chill millennials’ personal and prefessional brands, to provide fly, stylish streetwear in comparison to high-end Streetwear brands.


The only way that Influenchill can Thrive in this day is by having homies who hold the #StayChillArmy up. Meet and read about the Influenchill Squad

You're Influenchill AF!


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Copyright 2021 © All rights Reserved. Design by Ebony Can Design